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PLANCHETTE is the creature that lives deep inside the belly of Chicago cellist Nora Barton. Drawing from extreme frequencies within the sound spectrum, Planchette finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near-silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance.


released February 5, 2020

Produced by Nora Barton, Rami Atassi & Caleb WIllitz
Recorded at FAB Music Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Caleb Willitz
Album art by Matthew Shelton
Funded in part by the Chicago DCASE Grant (2018)

Thanks to Audrey, Hervé & Daniel, Billie, Susan, Alison, Art Bell, Caleb, Rami, Matthew, Mom & Dad


all rights reserved



PLANCHETTE Chicago, Illinois

PLANCHETTE is the creature that lives deep inside the belly of Chicago cellist Nora Barton. Drawing from extreme frequencies within the sound spectrum, Planchette finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near-silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance. ... more

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Track Name: bol tibétain
“Hi Nora, it's Daniel again. I have a new testimony that is a little more precise than the previous one. This one is special because it is about a paranormal phenomenon that had a repercussion in the physical world. It had a physical consequence in the material world. Here is the story:

As you know, I often take people to the woods, to connect them with elemental spirits. Here we call them Little People. They are spirits of nature that belong to the ethereal world. They are invisible, not physical. One day, a man in his fifties approached me to take him to the woods, to connect with elemental spirits and potentially with spiritual guides. He wanted answers, because he had a dream where he was asked to connect with spirits of nature in the woods. This man had heard about me, and he contacted me. I accepted his invitation and we set a date. He lived only a 5 minute ride from my home.

Some tools I packed included a stick made of holly wood and a handmade sword that had been consecrated. At one time I used a Tibetan bowl to help beginners change their vibratory state. A Tibetan bowl is also called a singing bowl. It vibrates at a certain frequency, and it generally comes with a little mallet. It is a little wooden piece, wrapped in felt that you press against the bowl to create vibrations. So, I decide to take my Tibetan bowl with me to help this man reach a new frequency and a new vibratory state. And I put the bowl with the rest of my things at the back of my car. The bowl was placed on the car’s floor, behind the handbrake. The mallet was inside the bowl. Apart from that, I just took my stick.

I left to pick this guy up, a 5 minute drive, It was 9.30 pm. He got into my car, and during the remainder of the ride we chatted, and I realized that he was not a beginner. He actually had previous knowledge and experiences in spiritual matters.

Once arrived, I parked my car and I decided to only take my stick with me and leave my Tibetan bowl in the car because I thought I would not need to use it. We got into the woods, and I followed a protocol to prepare the person, where I anchored and centered him. Then we silently walked into the woods. When we reached a certain spot, I summoned the spirits with an invocation. After that, what occurs depends on the circumstances and the people you are with. It is always different.
Everything went well, we connected with elemental spirits, and also with a guide I was used to working with. We received messages regarding the guy's questions, and we were content with our time in the woods. It lasted about one and a half hours.
We got back to the car to drive home. It was the dead of the night, near midnight. I started the engine and began to drive. Suddenly, we heard the Tibetan bowl start to “sing” behind us. We actually heard the mallet turning at an inexplicable speed inside of the bowl. It was odd, because it started vibrating while we were driving on a flat, straight road with no bumps, there was no reason for the bowl to vibrate. And yet, it was turning at a very high speed. We were startled, we stopped talking, I stopped the car, and the mallet stopped turning. We were surprised, but you have to know that when you come back from such a night out, because you change vibratory state, you are a little bit in an altered state of consciousness. So, we were surprised, but not that surprised.
We thought that the bowl's vibrations were somehow triggered by road bumps making the mallet turn in the bowl. But oddly, the mallet completely stopped turning as soon as I stopped the car. I restarted the car, and the mallet immediately started turning again, at a very high speed. We were extremely intrigued by this behavior. But for some reason, we did not give it a further thought. The phenomenon stopped again.
I dropped him home, he got out of the car, we said goodbye and promised to call each other.
He got out by the right front door. I saw him get inside his house, I lit his way with my car’s headlights. I started the car and drove home. I parked the car and went to fetch my stick and my Tibetan bowl at the back of the car. I opened the left rear door, grabbed my stick, but to my surprise, there was no bowl in sight. So, I fetched a flashlight, got back to the car, lit the inside of the car specifically where I had left the bowl behind the handbrake. No bowl. The bowl had completely disappeared. The bowl was gone, it had vanished, as if by magic.

You can easily imagine how puzzled I was, all the more than I had not taken the bowl out of the car, and then we had heard it vibrate on the way back. I had become acquainted with the man I took to the woods. He was not a thief, and I had seen him get out of my car, his hands were empty.
It was a very, very, very impressive event. So, I decided to call the guy and I told him what had happened. As you can imagine, he was extremely surprised, and he asked me: do you think we could have forgotten it in the parking lot? Or maybe outside on the ground, or could we have taken it out and left it on the car's roof? I reminded him that we heard it vibrate as we drove back, and he agreed that it was impossible. Then he asked me if I wanted him to go back to the parking lot to look for the bowl, and I said no, we will never find it again. We will never find it, it’s gone.

But I was so shook, well, shook is not the word, I was so puzzled by the bowl vanishing, that I drove back to the parking lot to see if I could find the bowl on the ground, or wherever. But I already knew I would find nothing. So, I went to bed convinced that the bowl had dematerialized itself, I was certain of it. I had to understand why the bowl had dematerialized. Such a thing can sound crazy but I admit, I have witnessed so many curious phenomena that I did not find a bowl dematerializing strange.
But I had to figure out why it had happened. Because I had previously been in a druidic circle for 7 years, I decided to call my former druid who was still in the circle. I told her the full story and she burst into laughter. She told me, ‘Ha, you did not want to use it, but you intended to use it when you left with it. Because you changed your mind and would not finally use it, it was taken from you. It was deemed, above, that you did not need it…or rather, that you did not listen to your initial intuition of taking it with you and using it. By that, I mean that the first intuition is the right one, you must pay attention to it, it can be a message. You must listen to this message and follow things through.’ Which I visibly had not done. She found it really hilarious.

And I told her: but it is extraordinary, how can an object dematerialize itself like that?
She answered, “These things can happen. Nothing is impossible. Very powerful spiritual beings can achieve things like that.”

A few years later, I met a great erudite, an alchemist. He was very old, in his 80s. He was very knowledgeable and experienced, I consider him a master in these matters. I told him my story and how I found it extraordinary that an object that size had dematerialized itself. And he answered, ‘Size does not matter; any object can be dematerialized by powers from the invisible world.’ And he added that my bowl could very well be somewhere in the Desert of Gobi, or in a street of a big city, where it could have a new owner now.

Well, this was my story, it is a very strange one, because, as I said in the beginning, it had a palpable, visible repercussion for us. No doubt can remain, because the facts stand. The facts stand, they are obvious, before our eyes.
Now, you are free to believe, or not, in these dematerialization phenomena. Think what you will, but I am forced to admit that they are possible.”

Daniel Jacquemin of Concoret, FR
Translation by Audrey Canalès

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